Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature and Identity

The Poet.

What nature can she find?
In the empty body of hers
Hollow she is, hollow as a cave
And imprisoned in a cave she feels
In here where no sunshine will get in
She does not feel comfortable
Like the bear does
When it's lying warm and cosy in hibernate
Just waiting for the spring to come
Its eyes deep in dreamland
Not noticing and fearing the darkness or the cave
Dreaming of spring and of warmth
Looking forward to it
- She wants to experience it, she wants to see it, but she can't!

She is jealous of its nature
She is jealous of nature
The bear is nature
She loves nature for its clearness
As a human she acts with her emotions
The bear does not think twice, it acts
Her stomach is hollow and her mind is too full
The bear does not speculate, it's just there
She envies this nature, because her body is not just a cave now but also a cage
A cage filled with too much and not just it
She can't escape her hibernate nightmare



  1. Brave attempt at two abstract notions for the price of one - well done. Problem with the language: hibernate is a verb - you need the noun hibernation in the first stanza, and an adjective in the last line which doesn't really exist. That would require a bit of a re-write...

  2. I really liked how you made spring seem like the "ultimate dream" for both characters and i really liked the parralells you drawed.
    I think some of the language was a bit rough, mostly because when you read it out loud it does not flow..
    And also i really liked how you incorporated the seasons as more than what the characters were looking forward to!