Saturday, September 26, 2009

My version of "My Last Duchess" - a poem

Like Neptune taming the sea
He wanted to control her
But she did not agree
Nor did she turn bluer
She thought life was her own
Now all she has is a gravestone

All that is left now
The only prove that she ever existed
Is the picture on the wall he would allow
All because he thought she was too crowded
Because boys wanted to please her
His rage turned deeper

He could not understand
Why she would not change
When it was his only demand
What, was not within his range
Instead she walked high with a smile
Celebrating her own style

Now he looks toward the next
Expecting she will not cause trouble
Hoping he will not need his pretext
To make his actions count double
It is time for him to find happiness
With a woman who is not faithless

1 comment:

  1. Good try at rhyming - it often makes it hard to be clear and precise when one has to follow a rhyme scheme slavishly...

    I'm not entirely sure where the sympathies are meant to lie here - in contrast to Browning's poem which is quite clear about that.