Monday, September 28, 2009


Choose persona-Dramatist

(It is close to midnight. Melina is standing outside in the back yard, observing how the drops fall from the leaves of the trees. Sebastian goes outside home, looking for her)

Sebastian: " What are you doing here? It is cold, come in"

(Melina does not make any movement, she just lean her head to one side. They remain in silence for a few minutes. Sebastian does not seem impatient)

Melina: "It is so peaceful...the only sound that can be perceived is our breaths and the crickets. Dont you like it?"

(Sebastian smiles)

Melina: "Before, it was raining...Since I was child I got the feeling that when it starts to rain, time stops. As if the passage of time were stopped. I know that is a lie. Raining always put me in the mood of thinking,you know? Suddenly I start to ask myself what is life about? What is what I am looking for? Is there something eternal?"

(Sebatian approaches Melina and puts his arm around her waist)

Sebastian: "Are you looking for immortality?...If life were never ending, it would not be worthy of living Melina"

Melina: "I am not talking about immortality, but rather about eternity...the existence of something eternal?Is there any kind of love that never ends, or are all they condemned to die down? Or any eternal feeling?Is there any landscape that will remain forever? Is there any person who will be remembered forever? Is fidelity an eternal matter? Do you think human thought is everlasting? Will be life forever on Earth?....I would like to have a longer life, there are so many things I would like to learn, to see, to life, to smell, to touch, to experience, to feel, to hate, to love..."

(Melina turns around and embraces Sebastian)

Melina: "Hold me tight because I dont know if this feeling will be forever. I dont know if I will be alive tomorrow. Solitude is so horrifying, it is like the eternal darkness. I do believe. I believe in eternity, simply because I can feel it while I am standing alone in a crowded street and I feel like the most lonely person on Earth despite being surrounded by people. I feel it when I am in the middle of nowhere, when the rain soakes me, when I gaze at the daybreak, when I smell the land...when I touch you.

(It starts to rain again, but now a soft mizzle)


  1. Good choice of an abstraction! It's not really a drama as much as a meditation, though - but well-written nonetheless...