Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Battle by the River Side

Writing Game:

The Battle by the River Side

Setting: A forest of maples, oaks, and pines. A river is running throught the forest and suddenly ends in a waterfall. Two groups of birds, the Bluebirds and Robins have been fighting for the land near the river bank for many seasons.

Act I. Scene I.

Sharpbeak: Hark! Strongwing, what is the report on the west fronts progress?

Strongwing: Sir, The battle dies not go well. We lost a fourth of our troops today but I hear it goes well father up the river, Sir. (Strongwing salutes Sharpbeak)

Sharpbeak: In two hours the Blackghost fighters will arrive here for the siege on the river bank. (Sharpbeak flies away towards the east) (Scene fades black)

Act I. Scene II.

Setting: Longwings, Sharpfeet, and Shorttail are sitting in a tree talking)

Longwings: I heard ol’ Greenlegs lost his nerve and made the troops fall back when the Bluebirds sieged the river bank. Didn’t he fight bravely in the last war, what happened to his nerve of steel?

Shorttail: Don’t you remember the Blues captured him and he was tortured for weeks until he escaped. They say he screams every night in his sleep and jumps at the sight of anything that is blue.

By: Cinthea L. Comer


  1. Nicely done with regards to characters and setting - important elements of drama. Was the abstract notion here 'war'?, or was it moving into something else, like bravery/cowardice (more suitable for a play, perhaps)?

  2. OK - my first guess was correct then, thanks!