Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This little caricatured, however human, scene about anger has been observed by a fly on the wall.
The woman placed herself on a chair by the desk, adjusted her glasses, sharpened the pencil - which was ridiculous since she was about to write a letter on the computer - smiled complacently to the screen and commenced writing. She intended the tone to be cultivated and sober and the content incontestable. The letter was actually a nitpicking complaint about what she thought was extremely important, although it was just a trifle that should have been shrugged off. While writing she imagined cocksurely how the body she adressed would be floored by her irrefutable argumentation and herself crowned with the laurels of malicious glee.
Then, awkwardly enough, she happened to press the magic-mysterious vanish-button and zip - the geniously serious letter of complaint had melted into the air ! She turned pale and began shivering. As if her constitution atomized, she trembled like Frankenstein's monster during creation with anger, cold, excitement, fear, rage. Her husband, poor man, came running to rescue her, hearing her screaming like a madman, but when he arrived, he found a potential mass murderer, with a green and ugly face and a smashed computer at her feet. She showered him with abuses, quite undeservedly.
Life is unjust, and electronics can turn people into raving monsters.

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  1. Fun and drama! I like the humor and irony of the tone. The narrative voice is a little burdened by too many far-fetched adjectives and adverbs, but that may be deliberate on the author's part...
    The protagonist would have had her sanity preserved intact if only she had known the Control-Z command which has saved many a computer's life (and writers, too)!