Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st wtiting assignment

- We have known each others for quiet some time, right.

She had that special look in her eyes while saying it. Like when she wants to make a point, but was too afraid to say it straight out. He considered his options. Should he play along or ignore her. On the one hand he was afraid to ignore her. She could be so angry, and he was rather looking forward to returning to the house. Today was their special day. No kid to interrupt them. Just them. On the other hand he had already given in to her. He agreed to take a walk in the forest with her, even though he wanted to play on the computer. There definitely is a line, and she probably crossed it years ago, but he didn’t know for sure. And what if she got mad.

- Alright, let’s have it then. What’s on your mind?

He gave in, the moment he said it, he knew. And even worse, he knew that she knew. She had him exactly where she wanted him.

- It is just out here in the forest… You know… It is like the spirit is allowed to unfold itself in a special way during the meeting between mankind and forest. In this brief meeting everything goes quiet, and my soul is brought back to the beginning of times.

He looked at her. What did she mean? Maybe it really wasn’t a game for her. Maybe she really did care about him, and wanted to share this special experience with him. And he wanted to play computer games. He felt a bit embarrassed. He was trying to incriminate her, and he turned out to be the bad guy.

- Enough emotions, she interrupted him, it time to go home. You have to cook me a good meal, remember.

The bold part is the chosen line.

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  1. Nice little story about the balance of power in a relationship. I'm not sure I can see your backwards phrase in there anywhere...?