Monday, September 28, 2009

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Written as a prophet:

The divine power of God showed itself to me as the light of Heaven shone upon me and I was filled with joy. He spoke to me through the unyielding voice of the winds and it was not a voice of joy or of sorrow, but a voice of impeccable truth. The world is upon immense disarray as the fundamental and essential voices of love, harmony and altruism have been drowned by the sound of war, hatred and selfishness. The only saviour for this pending purgatory is through the spirit of the heavenly redeemer of Jesus Christ. The Last Judgement will be called upon the sinners no later than on the second day of the seventh month, three years from today. The heaven will light up as a rain of fire will thrash upon the sinners and the demons of Hell will ride the earth, slashing the bodies of those who have not accepted the word of God and they will recieve the eternal torture of Hell. As the world comes to an end, God will show himself and the saved shall be lifted to the heavens and live for all eternity in the perpetual bliss of Heaven with the Holy Trinity by their side.

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  1. Amen! Obviously a mode you are comfortable writing in...

    There were so many abstracts in there that I am not actually sure which one you had picked.