Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Author piece

The first word in every sentence is the linking word.

The first sentence is our start sentence.

My lovely teacup usually do a flattering weekend

but I am not always sure that it is the

positive blue flowers in the garden that bloom every morning

as sunlight came in through the

window and seemed like a mirror

today I feel

blue as waves are drawing me to

them what they did was unthinkable but at the end of the

day and night, night and day that is our

lives which were lost during the

war and that makes the world sad

By: Solvej, Jeanett, Michelle, Louise & Hawkins


  1. This was fun, and the text actually has a meaning. Especially the final sentence is great.

  2. I think the first sentence is the best one, but it does make quite a lot of sense - also because it is a first person poem, and we know the type of person who might feel this way...