Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The wait (drama)


*Two women are looking out the window. Snow on the window and the sound of a blizzard is outside.*

Elisabeth: Oh I think this is so nice, stand here with a cup of hot chocolate,in a warm house and just look out at the blizzard.

Diane: Yes, yes it's nice (annoyed tone)

Elisabeth: Yeah I wouldn't want to be out there now (small laughter), I'd die (she shivers)

Diane: Don't say something like that! (angry tone)

Elisabeth: Jeez Diane. What was in that cup of yours? or wait... is it that time of the month? (She pats Diane on the back- small laughter)

Diane: (turns towards Elisabeth) Are you really that thick! Can't you figure it out by yourself? (angry tone)

*Hail starts banging on the window and the sound of the wind becomes louder. Diane turns back towards the window.*

Diane: James is out there (sad tone- little sob)

Elisabeth: (subtle surprised look) Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I thought he quit working on the boat? He applied for a job in land right?

Diane: He didn't get it

Elisabeth: Oh...

Diane: Yeah, which is why he's out there right now. Fishing for that god damn money greedy tyrant! (aggravated tone)

Elisbeth: Now! (angry tone) There is no need for that! That's my man you are talking about.

Diane: No... He's nothing but your late night visitor! (bitchy tone)

*Diane looks at Elisabeth with a smirk*

Diane: I doubt his wife would say he's your man...

Elisabeth: (Angry look, that soon turns into a smirk)No. I guess she wouldn't (small pause)... or would she (bitchy laugh)

*Both women laugh*

Diane: No she wouldn't. But that aside (small pause) It's like he doesn't even care that he's sending men out in the storm. It's not men's lives, it's 100% business. Who cares if he's risking the life of eight men (sarcastic tone). As long as he gets fish to sell, then who the fucks cares about the fishermen and their families?? (angry& sarcastic tone)

*Elisabeth puts her arm around Diane, who starts sobbing.*

Elisabeth: Common now. It will be alright

*Diane pulls away from Elisabeth*

Diane: He hasn't even called (sobbing)

*Diane becomes frantic, pulling on her hair a bit. Stops all movement. Puts her face in her hands.*

Diane: (gasping for air) Why hasn't he called!?

*Elisabeth moves towards Diane and holds her*

Elisabeth: It will be alright, he will call and let you know it is...

*Phone rings*

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  1. Melodrama! And a cliff-hanger ending!! Inspired by Kai Munk or too many old Hollywood movies, perhaps? Does its job admirably, but quite a few language mistakes to work on in the revision...