Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Writing game – session 3: Exquisite corpse

My black dog normally shoots her new globe
but sometimes she miss.
It does it with a huge gun.
After cleaning the gun, she usually goes out to play with the neighbor kids. However the kids don’t like
his slow cat always evoke the worst intentions.
The bloated tiger obviously sang the worst parallel.
Me sweet friend sleeps on Sundays.
It is always nice to drink coke.
The dark coke deliciously runs down the throat.
Her old doctor usually recommended the pink antibiotics.
The dead pavement took the stupid pills.

By Mikkel, Robert, Tinna, Lena and Niels

1 comment:

  1. Nice and quite absurd corpse. Something clearly goes wrong when the coke comes into the poem - just when the animals were doing nice, bizarre things, everything becomes about a person (on pills). Weird and not altogether succesful - but fun!