Monday, September 28, 2009

Alone in the dark

Writing game. Choose persona

Script writer

Alone in the dark:
A little girl lost in the dark woods trying to find her way out – both out of the woods and out of her own thoughts. Talking to herself trying not to get carried away by the desire to let go and fall a sleep wanting to escape to the happy place that is her dreams.

‘Why is everything so dark and cold? What has become of the sun?’ she cries out into the woods
She walks further into the woods as she wonders why she suddenly is all alone in this empty place with only the sound of her own breath to be heard.

‘Alone’ she thinks to herself
‘Why am I always alone and lost in the dark? she quietly asks herself as tears find they way down her cheek

She finds shelter under some small trees in the middle of nowhere feeling more and more alone in the dark and she gets carried away in the memories of what used to be.

‘What has become of me and all my dreams and desires?’ she asks herself
‘I want more of this life than to be stock here in the emptiness of my heart with no will to carry on fighting’ she says sniffling as she slowly falls asleep

The sunrise shows up on the horizon and shines on this beautiful woman lying as a bundle in the woods with a crying little girl inside her heart.

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  1. Was the abstract notion 'loneliness'? If so it works well...

    Script writer or storyteller - I'm not so convinced by the author function here...