Saturday, September 26, 2009

Editorial reflection on status of the world (Author 3. sesson)

At the turn of the century every religious extremist was convinced that the world was going to end. Perhaps their information was not wrong, just a little early. Because the latest research really shows that the world is either close to an end or ignorant of its self-respect. When researchers spend to asking women whether they like to have sex while being intoxicated or sober, I personally think it is about time to consider just dropping a atom bomb and finish it.

Already I fear the day my son will come to me and ask:”Why was it decided that alcohol and sex would make an important research topic?” All I will be able to say is:”Just because!!!”. In that respect I really envy my parents. Should I ask them about things from their time, I would have to ask why they rebelled against the government to obtain influence in the schools, the political stage and other important places? And that question has already answered itself.

That is why I think the world has come to an end. Throwing money out on non-essential research is just a small part of the changes that started with the year 2000. Another thing worth mentioning is the countless amount of money spend on non-essential administration. And the best part of it – we are currently experiencing a financial crisis, not that that mean we need the money for other thing!!!

At first I wanted to pretend to be a journalist, but I quickly found out that it is not easy to be a journalist writing about an abstract topic. I simply lacked the possibility to put a source on my findings. Perhaps my opinion of journalism is just to narrow.

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  1. Even if it is an editorial I think the argument has to be clearly presented, and I am not so sure that I could recount what your author's argument is here...