Friday, October 30, 2009

Writing Game 6.

Naming of Lovers

To-day we have naming of lovers. Yesterday,
We had Howitzer. And to-morrow morning,
We shall have Arquebus when there is time . But to-day,
To-day we have naming of former lovers, those who are tempting
like the apples hanging from the forbidden tree,
And to-day we have the naming of lovers.

This is the first one. And this
Is the one who started it all, the snake that tempted,
When you are vulnerable, helpless, and you turn to him
but he doesn’t help, he destroys all that is in his path
With empty promises and false gestures
Inviting like a beautiful candlelight, that burns you once you touch it.

This is the second one, the one who said he’d save me
his gentle talk persuaded me to put trust in him.
A helping hand in a time of need, all you need is to reach out for it.
That glimpse of hope swiftly faded,
as I reached out for him, he had vanished.
Once again I stood alone

and this left another crater in my heart.
Would I be able to take another hit?
A foolish decision, no doubt, but I put trust
in another one. Instead of one large attack on my heart
he had his manipulating tricks, and like a soldier
navigating through a minefield, with each move I risked getting hurt.

Some say that with time you’ll forget the pain
that you ought to learn from your mistakes.
But how can you forget something when it leaves a mark on your heart?
How do you know what lesson is to be learnt?
It is like you are lost and come to a crossroad,
and you just can’t tell which is the better road to take.

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  1. First stanza was really good - easily the best in terms of integrating the war metaphor. The two voices scheme didn't really come out so clearly throughout. You might want to revise the thrid stanza in particular. The ending is strong, and the subject matter is well chosen and handled.