Thursday, October 22, 2009

Helping Defining your New Life

You should stand there and cry.
I wish to cry myself a river.
You should be sited and
hit in your face until your teeth falls out.
I need to go to the dentist.

You were caught running from
officials that like me
owns you.
I am merchandise; oil to be
sold and combusted into energy

You will be imprisoned for life.
You will see the cell as your world.
I am the dark that
surrounds me, I am you.


  1. I had some trouble placing the photo correctly in the post.

    There are two speakers: a prison warden and a prisoner. The setting is a prison located in Iraq, around 2009

  2. Oh and I think I will characterise the poem as more of a pastiche than parody on Naming of Parts.

  3. I think it is neither - more like a response, or commentary on the same theme as Naming of Parts. For it to be a recognizable parody or pastiche there should be more similarities with the original: form, both in each stanza and the overall form (longer poem) - and content: lists of parts, which you don't really have.
    That said, the voices were neatly done - it was very clear that there were two, and that they were antagonists. Good!