Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writing Game 6

Lessons in satisfied satisfaction

Today we will look at the different types of vegetables, which are
going to be your new best friends from now on.
Here we've got a carrot, and this will act as your new fix of well being
Mmm, a Mars bar just melting slowly and generously in the mouth
feeling the chocolate and caramel caressing the tongue
As I feel the fix of the sugar and contentment going to my brain

This is broccoli and this is cauliflower. We use these two vegetables for various reasons
One; to get better by eating it, two; it has a positive effect on our skin and
you can eat this raw, boiled, in pies, as a side dish – the sky is the limit
Afterwards the liquorish will nourish the nostrils even though it is placed in the the bag
the temptation is unbearable had it not been for the chewing gum for emergencies
where's the limit?

And this you can see is a pepper
there are three types of pepper you need to know off; red pepper, yellow pepper and green pepper
again this vegetable can be served in various shapes to make it more interesting.
The girl standing in her small trousers and beautiful fitted dress looks happy
as she is looking at me for comparison
Somehow the various shapes does not appear interesting

This was just a small introduction to the world of vegetables
tomorrow we'll look at fruits
Remember that even though vegetables may not appear interesting they are due to their various different colours, tastes and shapes.
Thoughts are travelling in the mind in all kinds of colours, tastes and shapes
as the eye ponder at the reflection
All the diversity feels like a room sustaining the simplicity


  1. Sounds like you've been watching 'By på skrump'! Nice parody - works to make the reader laugh... The more lyrical ending of stanza three was a nice surprise - adds a much more serious tone.

  2. All I just thought was FOOD!
    But I thought there was a great use of opposites, and especially the one where the liqourice nourishes the nostrils, I thought were a great use of n-words.