Friday, October 30, 2009

Writing assignment 6 - the naming of parts

To-day we will have naming of friends. Yesterday,
We focused on the family picture. And to-morrow morning,
We shall look at the business structure. But to-day,
To-day we have naming of friends. Our goal is to
see a connection between the human relations.
And to-day we have naming of friends.

This is the first friend. We meet her in the street
She gives us a hug, and a kiss. Tell us how much she has
missed us. And what a great time we had last.
Then she is on her way. You do not remember her.
These friends increase the amount of confusing in our life.
We do not miss them, when they are gone.

This is the second friend. We typically meet them
in our work place/school. These are the friend that pretend to
listen to your problems, them spread the gossip.
These are the friends that only pretend to be your
friend. We use these “friends” to spread gossip.
We sometime miss them, when they are gone.

This is the third friend. They are everywhere.
You know their name, perhaps even a few personal details.
But no more than that. You do not really care about
there people. You only talk with them sometime.
These are the people you use to fill our time.
We sometime miss them, when they are gone

This is the fourth friend. We cannot escape
them. We are born into a relationship with them. These
are our family members. And they really
want to be our friend. If we only let them.
We spend out life trying to escape them.
We will miss them, when/if they are gone.

This is the fifth friend. There are only few of them.
Some we meet in childhood, others later. These are our
real friends. We talk to them about everything.
When we need a break in life, we seek their
support. We use them to regain structure/order.
We will always miss these friends.


  1. Sad state of affairs the second voice describes. You have reversed the order of positive and negative compared to Reed's poem, where the dreamy voice came last. Here you have put the harsh realist voice last - this gives a strong effect on the reader. Only the last stanza offers a bit more hopeful thoughts. Quite powerful.

  2. the last stanza made me smile, i agree with the writing very much about these five types of friends.
    and i like the last sentences about whether we will miss them or not, which helps to bring out the effects of the last stanza