Monday, October 26, 2009

The naming of hells

Today we have to clean what human race has permitted,
we have to put an end to all garbage,
all for starting a new age.
We need to get rid of that melting pot which completed
what we could call home, what once was a living land,
now is a dying marsh

It is their fault, you know they must be exterminated
so I do not want seeing hesitation in your eyes,
I do not need your shaking beats
I do not need that for undermine my strenght
it is enough just looking into their eyes
and finding out the same horror as in mine

You must release all your contempt in the field
since you are not allowed to think
dont let compasion exist, cockroaches do not deserve it
Let me being part of the nature, is this the path?
If I were a tree, a drop of water, a perfect strand of grass,
I would not need to use my condemned hands

The purpose is the spreding of the doctrine,
we have to pay back their wounds in our world,
there is no place for them in the river
I wonder if every single being is born with this destructive heart,
no, it would be the end, we cannot let life having wishes
because it would mean the pursuit of suicide

This is the eternal summer of our aims,
can you feel the heat of the glorious end,
that is the true need, the property of the rules,
The truth is: what is real is what we cannot get
we are always longing for things which only exist
in our unhealthy and despicable reasoning

1 comment:

  1. The fascist policeman and the eco-activist? Good job in bringing the two contrasting voices in the poem. Pastiche, I would say, since it intends to be sincere...