Thursday, October 22, 2009

PM taken to cleaners

It was Sunday morning in Copenhagen. Elizabeth Madison, a woman in her thirties, got up from her bed. After she had taken a shower, she went to the mirror to put on her red Nivea lipstick while her husband Peter Madison tried to get out of bed. He of course ended up falling over the books lying on the floor; stepping on The Great Gatsby and a biography of Winston Churchill. He headed toward the toilet, complaining about the nasty cocktail of small potatoes and shrimps that Elizabeth had made for him yesterday. Peter worked in the food industry. He was a cook, used to handling everything himself from red onions to garlic, and he felt that yesterday’s meal was an insult to his profession. Elizabeth was a kinder garden teacher, used to talking in babu-babu-tongues all day long and did not think too much of his complaining. None of them were too happy with their jobs, and both were happy to try out their newest amateur endeavour: travel writing.

Their main plan for today was to go the zoo. So far on their trip the only animals they had seen were some annoying sea gulls. Those they already knew all too well from back home. Instead Elizabeth wanted to see a pretty peacock. Peter was more of a hunting man, and therefore he was more looking forward to seeing the likes of Danish falcons. He wondered if they would have them at the zoo or whether they should go look for them out in some forest.

But first things first, they had had to get some breakfast. Elisabeth was keen on writing down every thing which seemed unfamiliar to her. This included the food they had bought for breakfast. Danish Koberg Rugbrød and Arla skummemælk - or as Peter pronounced it: Cow-bread and Arla-milk. Haven gotten enough to eat, they went out to their rental car,but suddenly they found there's something wrong with the car, "Hey, we need some tools such as Saw, hammer and nails," said Thomas, "well, I'll buy some then".The wife said, heading to the store, but she wondered can his stupid who deal with onion can fix a car?? "why does't he want a colt"she said to her self and then laugh by herself! But Thomas did fix the car and steered toward the zoo.

“Stop!” Elisabeth exclaimed, and Peter who sat behind the wheel did just that. He put his foot down heavily on the pedal. This resulted in that the coffee, well placed in the cup-holder, was splashed all over Peter and his new clothes. “Look, there is some children playing!” Elisabeth continued. Peter turned right. A small discussion started between them as he pulled into a parking spot. “Look, I can’t go around looking like this” Peter said. Elisabeth agreed, and they went out of the car, and started striving down into town to find a cleaner. “Sign here” The cleaner said and so Peter did. In the end, they ended up spending more money on the trip to the zoo, than going to zoo in itself.

When they getting back to England, them heard a conversation in the airport. someone said:"The snow is falling heavily tonight."" Yes, it will be hard to get to work tomorrow" Good, Thomas thought. Then when them arrived home, one of Elisabeth’s friends asked her: “How were your weekend?”. Elizabeth answered “Good, I went to Copenhagen, and PM was taken to cleaners” Where after they would have a laugh.

By Lasse and Chuchu


  1. The title made me laugh out loud - great work in the final sentence on decontextualising it. The story could be more developed, and I'm not convinced that it's travel writing - more of a domestic short story. The weakest paragraph was no. 3 which didn't really make sense with the tools and the gun. The best part, clearly, the ending!

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