Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Game 5 Travel writing

Bus stopped in a sudden woke me up. Finally I had arrived, and the “Velkommen” sign did not go well with the terrible weather that received me. I took my little suitcase and ran down to the bus stop since it was raining heavily. I had to walk to Annebergvej where she would be, but I decided to wait a bit because of the rain. I was starving but I didn’t eat my Oreo biscuits, as I hate it when my teeth turn black after eating them. Then I tried to light a cigarette in the strong wind, I raised my head and found out a sign of “Royking forbudt” – no smoking, and that is why the wind didn’t let me to light up my cigarette.

While watching how the rain was falling down, I was thinking about Norwegian that is a language difficult to understand. “Why is “royking” the same as “smoking”? And suddenly a child interrupted my line of thought with his high-pitched voice.

“...But mummy I want to go, mum, Peter goes....”

“Honey I know, but dad is waiting for us, we'll go later, okay?”

“No, I want to go, mum...”

“Johan, let's go, stop behaving like that. Mum is going to get angry if you don’t came right now!”

Apparently this little Johan did not want his mother to be angry, and so he followed her, dragging his feet as he walked. And I watched them until they were out of my sight and my phone rang. It was Aurora; she was “extremely” worried about me of getting lost. And once I arrived at her place, she hugged me tightly that I could hardly breathe. While she had prepared a typical Norwegian dish with Vidalia and yellow onions, marfona potatoes and three different kinds of fishes that I could hardly remember. What I remember is the delicious appetitive that we took the bread with Nuttela, delicious as take into account that I was starving.

Aurora is exactly the same as she was two years ago, the only thing that she had changed was her hair color – turned into reddish color, not only fits her name, but also the lipstick she always uses.

“Aurora, do you know where is my pen driver? I can’t...Oh, Hi. I forgot that today we have a guest. Please to meet you, I am Cécile” One of Aurora’s flat mates came in.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Sophie” I replied with smile.

“Mentioning about lost items, I couldn’t find my DVD of Harvey Milk, and I want to see the movie tonight” Aurora said.

“I have no idea, but don’t worry. I got it in my external memory-disk. And you should have it, as you are a big fan who can even name the gun in the movie is Colt Python.”

We all laughed, then Aurora led me to her room.

In her room, there was her favorite book The Time Machine, with a postcard of the painting by Munch, Vampire, as a bookmark. There were also a lot of paintings of owls, whippoorwills and rails on the wall, which she always say that if she could choose, she would like to be a bird, any birds that can fly. And besides the painting, there were a series of notice like “If I seem interested, I am NOT”, “Don’t disturb, genius at work”, “Stop staring my ass”, “I am Venus god”, which matches Aurora’s sense of humor.

Aurora, my good friend, your smile and the memories you gave me always make me feel like home, no matter how far i am from my hometown.


  1. Nice story, although not exactly travel writing, but more of a story of friendship... Most of the indredients are OK integrated, even the birds are better than in most of the pieces I've seen. Still, some of them are dumped on the reader's head as lists, which is not natural at all...