Thursday, October 22, 2009

Writing game 6: Pastiche / Parody , Lessons with the Wand-master: Naming of wands

Today we have naming of wands. Yesterday, we had wand cleaning.
And tomorrow morning, we shall talk about what to do in case of miss-firing.
But today, today we have naming of wands.
The sparks flutter at the edge of the wands illuminating the entire room.
Wand-lore is a kind of naming of parts.
This is the mysterious unicorn horn model.
And this is the “upper twig of an old oak”-model, whose use you will see, once it chooses its owner.
And this rare wand has a mature dragon sinew coating, which in your case you will not get.
Dragons are massive creatures, which can shoot impressive flame waves.
Unicorns however are intriguing silent, elegant creatures.
Choosing the right wand is crucial for your own safety.
However with an uneasy flick of the wand, you can easily hurt your finger.
Proper use requires strength in your thumb.
The material might be fragile and motionless.
But the magic contained can easily cause you to lose a finger.

And this, you can see, is how you flick the wand.
The purpose of this is to channel your magic, as you see.
We can flick it rapidly backwards and forwards: we call this the flick of the wand.
And rapidly backwards and forwards the wizards and warlocks attack each other.
Just like in Wand War II.
They call it the flick of the wand: how to channel your magic.
If you have any strength in your thumb: like the dragon, and the warlocks and wizards
And the oak-piece, and the sinew coating, which in our case we will not get.
And the unicorns
; silent, elegant creatures, and the flicks going backwards and forwards; for today we have naming of wands.


  1. I love how you integrate the wand into the poem with great success. This is obviously something you mastered brilliantly. I don't see how this is connected to the wars of 2009 though?

  2. I agree. There isn't really anything to the wars of today. There's the Wand War II though, that was excellent thought of.

  3. To be honest, I missed the part about it having to be about the wars of today. I just heard it as though there had to be an element of war in it somewhere.

  4. Wand War II was a flash of inspiration. I guess wizards are outside of time, so the war can be as much of today than any other time. Clearly, no Wand Wars without Harry Potter, so another link to 'today'. You should reflect and comment on whether what you have written here is a parody (of what, if so), or more of the neutral pastiche. I think it's an in-between thing...