Friday, October 30, 2009

Hills Like White Elephants.

Rewritten as a Memoir

It‘s like it was yesterday, the feeling I had that day is so vivid. Waking up all alone, feeling so powerless, as if I had no choice over the matter and it was all up to him. When I looked into the mirror as I was getting ready, I remember looking at my own reflection and not really knowing who I was or how I had gotten to that point. Going to the train station to meet him, I trembled the whole way as I practiced my speech in silence “Honey, I think it is time to talk about the big elephant in the room. I know we haven’t been seeing each other for long, but we are in love and you have told me you are leaving your wife, so the question is really: Do you want me to keep our baby? “ This time around I was not going to melt at the sight of him, I was certain this time I would get him to show how much he loved me and our unborn baby. However that didn’t happen, for as soon as I saw him I melted down as a love struck teenager, I became numb and unable to focus. I tried to start my speech, but as I looked up and into his eyes, I blanked, looked towards the hills and said the first thing that came to mind “The hills look like white elephants don’t they?” From that moment I had lost it. I knew that all I wanted was him and nothing else in the world mattered, as long as he’d have me. How naive! I was naive, naive to think he was in love with me. The worst thing is that I was naive enough to let him decide...

By Tinna


  1. I like this intervention, using the elephant metaphor, very much. Quite plausible entry into the girl's thoughts, well presented...

  2. I also like how you've incoporated the elephant metaphor. Also, the way you made the girl appear very much in love with him but still aware of the circumstances, was a nice combination.

  3. i love this very much, and the intervention is totally different from mine, which gives me new insight for the story.
    and this fits into the original text very well, i think this writing would be a nice introduction for me to understand the original one.