Tuesday, October 27, 2009

naming of objectives

Today we have naming of objectives,
Yesterday we had camp pitch
To-night we shall play card games after firing
But to-day, to-day we have naming of objectives

This is the map colonel
This is Kilinochchi, their facto capital
Where a bomb will go off in the main square
Luckily, exterminating one hundred Tamils.

And tomorrow it will be announced in the state television,
And they will make mention of Sri Lanka efficient army
troops will race to clear the last LTTE pockets of resistance.
Silent will reign in all the gardens: the war will be over.

This is Prabnakaran Sir
Their leader, this is the terrorist
who shall be killed in a grenade attack
in their military base.

The purpose of this is to force heir Military spokesman to admit defeat:
He will write in his communiqué:
"This battle has reached its bitter end ... We have decided to silence our guns”
He might also mention the fort and resistance of our soldiers.

At ease!
Tomorrow we will use heavy calibre weapons to capture Tamir Tiger rebels
And to-day we have naming of objectives.

1 comment:

  1. Good update to a contemporary war. You have both voices being pro-war, which is an interesting radicalization of Reed's technique. Why did you do this? (Explain in the portfolio, if you like)