Monday, November 2, 2009

Naming of parts

Sex ed

”Today we are going to learn about the human body”. Last time we learned about the difference between boys and girls, but today we are going to learn about what happens to you when you go into puberty.” “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing I hope she doesn’t start explaining about periods.

Then we are going on to the abdomen. This is a figure of a naked boy and this is the figure of a naked girl. As we discussed last time, there are some obvious differences. And these are the figures up close, which shows how you will soon develop your abdomen. “I really need to start working on my abs, if I want Taylor to notice me ever!

To go on to the more important things, this is the figure of the inside of a woman’s pelvis, also called the uterus. Inside the uterus is where the baby, when made, is going to stay for 9 months and grow before being born. And here we can see where the eggs are waiting to be matured and exposed, so the girl gets her period. “NASTY! I am so going home to play my new “zombie Wars II”."

Regarding the men things look quite different. Here we have the figure of the boy’s penis. Here we have two different figures, one figure of the not erect penis and one of the erect penis. When the penis is erect and stimulated there is a chance of ejaculation. “Shit, I hope mum doesn’t clean my sheets today. FUCK FUCK FUCK.”

So, to sum up this lecture, which I hope you have benefitted from I will just say that it’s important to look at yourself and accept that you are changing, everything from a woman’s pelvis and her period to the man’s penis and the changes which you go through in puberty.

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  1. Nice work, shifting the subject matter over to sex education rather than war education. Very clearly marked distinction between the voices - good! Para-stiche, I guess it ends ot as...