Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Writing game 4

Hills Like White Elephants

Rewrite as poetry

“The mountains looked like white elephants.”

Yes, you are right.

They looked like the white elephants.

Nothing, no shades and no trees.

Simple, just white and bright.

“Everything tastes of liquorice.”

Yes, you are right.

Everything tastes like the same as the way you do.

Nothing, no plans and no changes.

Simple, just naiveness and youngness.

'It's not really an operation at all.'

Yes, I am right.

It’s all perfectly natural.

Nothing, no pain and no tears.

Simple, just air in and air out.

'We'll be fine afterwards. Just like we were before.'

Yes, I am right.

Life will be fine and as the same as before.

Nothing, no worries and no responsibilities.

Simple, just fun

and everything will be fine.

Lilli, Li

1 comment:

  1. Ah, you are using the two voice strategy from the Reed re-write game! Good effect!!