Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Writing game 6

Today we have naming of the past.

To-day we have naming of the past. Yesterday,

We had gone through the whole city. And to-morrow morning,

We shall have found him with his lovely smile. But to-day,

To-day we have naming of the past. The sun shine on the cracks of the cement, cables cross over the shadow and blood colored the white fabric on the wall,

And to-day we have naming of the past.

This is the chair he had for his 10th birthday last week. And this

Is the wall of his room, which you will see,

Where he painted his world with colorful imagination. And this is the first football he had,

Which your children have not got. Football made by paper, with different kinds of texture and color,

Which your children have not got.

This is our building, where they throw the bomb on. And please let me

See his smile under the sunshine. And I believe we can see the smile

If we can go through today. His smile was as sweet as the blossom in spring, and why would the sun goes on shinning without he smiling,

His smile under the sunshine.

And this you can see the blood in the water. The nature

Is involved in the war, as you see. The blood is in the water

Without merging with each other, or the nature is resisting it: this is

The war between the governments, but not with the nature or the innocent. And without merging with each other

Like the memories we had and this experience of war:

We lost our child, and

We should resist the war.

We should resist the war: it is perfectly easy

If we have the strength to believe ourselves and tomorrow: If you know what is going wrong in the world, change it, and not to give up tomorrow

Where the hope will be; the crying and yelling of people

Silently playing in the war,

For to-day we have naming of the past.

Lilli, Li

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  1. Very empathetic poem, quite heartbreaking, really. The cost of the war is a timely reminder for us all. One point I didn't like so much the last pink stanza is too obvious, not as subtle as the rest of the poem. I would revise it.