Monday, November 2, 2009

My responses to hypertexts

I have entered in some of the web pages where you can find these hypertexts.Firstly I have read Ben Sorensen's hypertext. This is easier than the other pages simply because it is not so extensive like for instance

I found it interesting but not attractive, at least for me.
This is the first time I heard about hypertetxs and maybe it is just because I am not used to this kind of texts that I do not like them.
I do not get the point, I feel like if I were reading nothing. I do not like reading what is supposed to be a text and losing the point all the time, for me it does not have any connection. Sometimes the links between one screen and another is just a related concept, however other times I am not able to figure out the relation between one piece of writing and the following, and that frustrates me a lot.
Another possible reason for my rejection, it is that I love reading on paper, I mean, having the book in my hands. So I am not used to read on computer, I only do that when I am forced to search information on internet.

On the other hand I find really interesting the way in which the authors of these web pages link texts with other texts (poems, prose...), images....sometimes people link one concept with other in a way in which you will never do it.And that gives me the feeling that I am knowing a little about his/her way of thinking, the way in which he/she sees life

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  1. Honest response - always good. Hypertexts invite you to think, especially about the gaps. Sometimes the gaps are what is really important - if you can find out ways to fill them in. In my hypertext game, it is a simple game: what links all of the texts is also what links each individual one: death & theory