Tuesday, November 3, 2009

response to hypertext

I have tried to read “The Jew´s Daughter”. I have found it quiet difficult, probably because my reading comprehension in English is not very good, also because hypertext is something completely new for me.

In “The jew´s daughter” I have tried to keep order in the reading, so I just started at the beginning and then clicked on the blue words and continued to reading what appeared next, but I felt frustrated and lost. The reason is that even the beginning of the story it does not feel like a beginning, you don´t get much information. Besides, sometimes after you clicked on the blue word and the text changes there is no connexion any more between the beginning and the end of the text.
Moreover, I get tired of reading because sometimes after the click, only a few words in the text changed and the new words did not make a big difference in the meaning of what it was said before, therefore I felt like reading the same again.

Though I am happy to know what an hypertext is, and how it is works.

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  1. Trying new things are always good for the brain. I am glad that you also reamin critical, because not all new things are automatically better than the old ones...